I am very happy to show you these beautiful photos. Photographer @elliekoepke contacted me a few weeks ago to make a very special collaboration with @czafariii and her daughter. I sent them some clothes to Birmingham and this is the result of bringing together some amazing artists.                                                                                   Ellie Koepke  What do you do professionally? I’m a freelance music photographer and graphic designer, and I also do social media work.   How do you find inspiration? I usually look to my current favourite photographers, designers...

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Le Nais

Le Nais is an artist, composer and song writer from Barcelona, and she launched her debut EP on February 2020 called ‘When I can’t speak but I can sing’. A few months ago we talked to her about collaborating and dressing her in some concerts. Here are some images of her performing and we encourage you to listen to all her music. 🖤                                                                                                                               ...

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Sofía designed these garments using soft white mesh combined with georgette panels. The print on the georgette fabric was exclusively designed by me for this collection, and printed by a local factory in Barcelona. I developed it from one of my paintings, so the pieces of this sustainable lingerie collection can be described (quite literally) as wearable art.

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