Le Nais

Le Nais is an artist, composer and song writer from Barcelona, and she launched her debut EP on February 2020 called ‘When I can’t speak but I can sing’.
A few months ago we talked to her about collaborating and dressing her in some concerts. Here are some images of her performing and we encourage you to listen to all her music. 🖤 
What do you do professionally?
I design, compose write and perform.
What do you think about climate change?
I think it is fucked up and we have to make our own rules and make governments listen. I do everything I can on a daily basis but thats not enough on a big scale.

How do you see the fashion industry nowadays?
I see the good part where art is involved and its fun and talks about you and I also see a monster created by capitalism.

How do you find inspiration?
Taking days off, walking around new streets, hiking, traveling, going to museums, seeing others art and nature. Everything that brings new, fresh energy.


Her songs are pure magic, her voice blends into the atmosphere and transports us to another dimension. 


Your three favorite artists:
Right now Sevdaliza, Vivienne Westwood, Fka twigs

Your favourite color:
Turquoise, greenish blue

A surprising thing about you:
I play the violin.