We are a sustainable studio based in Barcelona where we repair, transform and hand-paint second hand garments into new, useful items – keeping them from the landfill & continuing their story.  




Our mission is to give value to garments that are out of market. The fashion industry we know today makes it hard to find a truly unique piece which can express our own individual style and attitude. We have all had the experience of wandering along our high streets, seeing stores stacked with clothes but where one label seems to imitate the other and it all just becomes one big pile of lookalike fashion. 

Fashion has now become a vicious cycle of hunting the next trend, which means our wardrobes are getting larger, while less individual, and leaving a heavy environmental mark on our planet.

We know that an estimated 140€ million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in Spain – and textile waste is a huge issue on a global scale. The cheap quality of fast fashion, and constant change of fashion designs, creates a system that thrives on textile waste, with no real solution for curbing the appetites of fast fashion consumers. 













At Daniela Parella Studio, we like to wander in other disciplines.  We like to interact with objects and recycle them. Investigate new forms and decontextualize those objects by giving them a new life.

We also love to experiment with liquid indian inks, creating irreproducible unique paintings.



Daniela Parella
Founder/Creative Director

I am a pattern maker and graphic designer. All garments in Daniela Parella Studio have been carefully selected, arranged and hand-painted by me. I follow a sustainable lifestyle that aims to reduce my environmental impact, in ways that are sustainable both for the Earth and for me. I opt for a plant-based diet and I fight for animal’s rights.

The most sustainable form of shopping is not to shop at all — and the second most sustainable form (and more realistic form) of shopping is shopping secondhand.


Discover our customization section where you can send us garments and Daniela will customize them with her iconic style.